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COVID-19 tracker 06 December 2021

Omicron calling the shots

Shireen Darmalingam

Global cases update:

  • Cases have surpassed 266.12 million, while the death toll has surpassed 5.27 million; recoveries are at 239.75 million.
  • The US has 49.96 million cases, accounting for 19% of global cases; the US death toll is 808, 763. 
  • India has 34.64 million cases and 473,537 deaths; Brazil has 22.14 million cases and 615,674 deaths.
  • The US, with the Omicron variant now prevalent in at least 17 states, is re-evaluating its travel ban on eight southern African countries.
  • The UK expects all incoming travellers, regardless of vaccination status, to take a pre-flight Covid test. 
  • France is aiming to avoid implementing further restrictions. 
  • Italy is cracking down on its small minority of the unvaccinated. 
  • Moderna has indicated that there’s a “real risk” that existing vaccines may be less effective against the Omicron variant.
  • Globally, more than 8.18 billion doses have been administered across 184 countries at a rate of 36.1 million doses a day.

Africa cases update:

  • Africa’s Covid-19 cases are at 8.82 million; fatalities are at 222,277.
  • Morocco has 950,591 reported cases, Nigeria 214,622, Ghana 130,920, Kenya 255,437.
  • Senegal and Tunisia have reported their first cases of the Omicron variant.

South Africa cases update:

  • SA currently has the 18th highest caseload, at 3.031 million; 11,125 new cases were reported yesterday.
  • Active cases are at 83,584; Gauteng leads the way, with 55,492 active cases, followed by KwaZulu-Natal with 7,378.
  • Covid-19 deaths rose by 1 yesterday, to 89,966; 2.858 million people (or 94.3%) have recovered from the virus.
  • 19.761 million tests have been conducted since 5 March 2020; 46,708 tests were conducted yesterday.
  • The SA positivity rate is at 23.8%.
  • 26.348 million vaccines have been administered in SA to date; 22,145 vaccines were administered yesterday.
  • SA data does not show a resulting surge of hospitalizations due to the Omicron variant. Authorities are, however, ready for a patient influx.  
  • Scientists have warned of a higher rate of repeat infections but say vaccines appear to protect against serious illness.
  • The variant appears to be reinfecting people at three times the rate of previous strains.
  • Scientists suggest that the Omicron may provoke less severe illness than previous variants.
  • Many of the first Omicron cases have been identified in younger individuals or detected in very recently screened travellers.

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